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Love Your Self Through A Love-Centered Diet

As an expert in the weight-loss field and working with personal trainers to help clients become healthier through the nutrition and supplementation part, I spend many hours a week reading. I enjoy reading the latest research and books in this field and bringing even more value to those that I get to help.

The book that I am reading currently is Just 10 LBS Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want (Finally) by Brad Lamm, Founder of Change Institute. The Foreward is  written by MEHMET OZ, M.D.  I am covering a chapter at a time to bring the message to others. I highly recommend the getting the book. It is not a one time read. It will become a reference for you as you are on your personal weight loss journey.

So Chapter One is titled “Live the Love-Centered Diet. With life happening around us, we do things that are not good for our bodies. By taking our bodies for granted we take in not only the wrong types of food but also the wrong quantities. The problem lies in that we don’t notice this until we have health issues, our self-esteem has dropped or we need larger size clothes.

Brad Lamm talks about when he realized that the human body is amazing and has so many capabilities, he started to love and respect his body.  In his search for more, energy, vitality and health, he realized that he needed to put good things in to get good things out.

So what defines good and bad. Good foods are things that are whole foods, organic, natural and work with our body in the way that it is supposed to. Bad things are sometimes called food but they serve of little benefit for our body functionally. Many bad foods contain chemicals, refined sugars, preservatives, artery-clogging stuff, commercially baked with additives, unhealthy fats, artificial flavors and sugar substitutes.

This chapter covers that to implement the food plan which is the Love-Centered Diet which loves your body with nutritious food.  This is done by learning to eat according to an individual’s personal style and also learning to transition from the traditional American diet to foods that will nourish and honor you. The six personal styles are the emotional eater, the habitual eater, the external eater, the critical eater, the sensual eater and the energy eater.  In JUST 10 LBS, there are worksheets to help you determine which type you are so that you can be successful in the process of getting healthier through weight-loss.

The reason this chapter is so important is so that you start feeling even better which will create more peace as you truly begin to love yourself, starting with your relationship with food.

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