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Running Yourself to a Healthy Weight

The race to the finish line sounds like the approach that many take in their
weight-loss journey. As a runner throughout the years, I have realized that
weight loss is more like a cross country race. It is a journey to be enjoyed,
properly paced, and to have a realistic goal which is also challenging.

Many people as they decide to lose weight (again), they usually set goals that are unrealistic because the time frame is too short for healthy long-term weight loss. Researching healthy weight loss goals for your specific age, sex, and personal health will give you more realistic and achievable personal goals that are tailored to you.

Looking at healthy and natural approaches will be a way for you to work towards your goals and “pace yourself” accordingly. A great runner always “paces” himself in order to maximize his efforts while keeping the end result in mind.

By having a realistic goal, it means having a realistic timeframe. Too fast of weight loss can result in cycle dieting where more weight and more fat return and works against you.  Too slow of weight loss may mean that you are not  challenging yourself enough to make those healthy choices through diet and exercise. Too slow of weight loss usually results in frustration and lose of seeing the end result and can sabotage you ever achieving your healthy weight.

It helps to have a team in place and a coach to guide you, encourage you and even push you to achieve your best.  Your team is your circle of friends and family that truly encourage you.  Your coach can be a personal trainer, health coach or weight loss coach that will help you stay accountable and on track.  These two things along with your commitment to yourself with lead you to finish your personal race and to realize that you still have to keep running with your new healthy habits to ensure long term success.

There is also your psychology that can lead you to succeed or fail. Understanding some of the subconscious beliefs that you have about your weight, food and exercise will shape your behavior.  Find a way to understand your belief system and how it has affected your weight throughout the years. Utilize counseling or personal meditation time to do this. A great starting point to uncover these issues is reading What’s Eating You.  A personal coach can help you uncover even more if you need help with that. Once you have beliefs that will support your race, you will be able to enjoy your journey, pace yourself properly and have realistic and achievable goals which will lead you to long-term success.

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