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Eating & Drinking Raw Can Be Sexy & Fun…Citrus Sparkler

I love eating. I am what diet or food experts classify as a “sensual eater.” I never realized this until a year or so ago. I really enjoy the entire experience of eating. The ingredients must be first class and real. I’ve never really cared for artificial colors, sweeteners, and prefer my food to explode with goodness.

My friends and family actually tease me a bit about my “presentation”. I love to use china daily and enjoy tablescaping to make the entire dining experience enjoyable. I think tiny touches like china, crystal, pretty and interesting serving dishes, real linens, flowers and candles can turn a meal or snack into an experience.

I’m not afraid to use butter and sugar at times either. Everything in moderation. Lately I have been putting a great more time back into eating “raw, organic” everything. I have to admit I started getting a bit intimidated and bored. So I incorporated the same techniques into my raw recipes.

Even more so, I have been creating “sexy” and delicious beverages and foods from appetizers to desserts.

Today I had a big craving for a carbonated sweet drink. Since a rarely to never have soda, I had to create  one to satisfy my thirsty craving.  So I’m going to share my fun creation which I can “Citrus Sparkler.”


“Citrus Sparkler”

    1/2 juiced fresh organic orange

1/2 juiced fresh organic lemon

8 oz sparkling mineral water

2-4 drops of Stevia (optional)

Fill a pretty glass with ice, pour mixed beverage in glass.

Garnish with slice of orange and a slice of lemon.

Enjoy slowly.

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