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Bring the Spa Experience Home in Delight

If you ever come to our home, you may be delighted to try a new colorful beverage. “Spa Water” . I love going to spas when I travel or pretty much anytime. I work hard and play hard and with 3 energetic kids and a wild puppy on board now, I need “Me Time.”

I am always so happy to see that clear, beautiful drink dispenser filled with purified water, lots of ice and some unique combo of veggies, fruit or herbs.

So I bring this luxury into our home most days especially summer days. The kids love it too. I’m in detox mode so today I made an amazing new Spa Water. It’s pretty and refreshing.

Yummy Bikini Time Coming Detox Spa Water


-Purified Water ( Yes, get those toxins out so your body is not stressed even more- I use the Get Clean Pitcher)

-Organic Grapefruit

-Organic Lemon

-Organic Lime

-Organic Cucumbers

-Organic Fresh Mint Sprigs

-Organic Grated Ginger

Lots of Ice ( Use Purified if possible)

Drink all day long. I notice this one gives me energy, keeps my appetite and sugar cravings down, reduces bloating and I love the flavor. Cheers! Enjoy! 



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