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3 Easy Tips To Stay On Track

How many times does this happen to you? It can be extremely frustrating and can discourage someone to continue on their weight loss program. What does it mean when the numbers go up? Yes, if you are pigging out, not exercising and truly gaining weight,  then the numbers will go up.

But what if you are sticking to your plan, exercising, basically doing everything right? Here’s the great news. Sometimes the scale numbers don’t matter as much.

An even greater indicator of your progress is measuring your inches. I’m sure you’ve heard of your “goal jeans.” Those jeans that you look and feel  great in. Of course, that’s when they fit.

The other component is that muscle does weigh more than fat. So the numbers on the scale may not be budging as much as you want it to. And…you may be shrinking at the same time which is perfect!  Also, if you are on a great weight-loss system, you are properly hydrated. Since about 80% of people are usually dehydrated, once someone is properly hydrating their body will adjust for that hydration level.

The best way to stay hydrated is keep drinking water. The recommended amount daily can be computed by dividing you body weight in half and drinking that many ounces per day.

To prevent scale shock happening to you, measure you body before starting a weight-loss program and track your progress weekly. It also is more effective because you’ll be able to accurately “measure your results.  The proper way to measure is by using a tape measure, wrap it around the fullest part of your chest, hips, thighs, waist, and arms.

Track these figures and watch the numbers drop! Keep in mind to use a system that focuses on “inch loss” and not only “weight-loss.”

Understanding the reason you want to lose weight is important because it will keep you more consistent. Have goals that are realistic and know your time frame. Use pictures to remind you of why you are doing this. That is a recipe for success.

  1. Drink lots of water.

  2. Track your results weekly by measuring.

  3. Be inspired and focused on your goals.

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