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Protein and Metabolism Myths

I am amazed to learn the importance of each component of nutrition.  I continue to research and learn while assisting my weight-loss clients. When I help my clients focus on losing weight, losing inches, getting even healthier, and feeling better, it comes with years of experience and knowledge.  In order to achieve a slimmer, healthier you, the largest hammer in your weight-loss toolbox is to jump-start your metabolism. Doing so will make ANY lifestyle, nutrition and exercise improvements all the more powerful. With a boost in metabolism and a focus on leucine and protein, your weight loss goals are put into overdrive.

Protein is of course very important. Along with that is the amino  acid,

Leucine, that we don’t hear much about.

We can find leucine in these foods:

Foods high in leucine include:

· Cottage cheese 3,294 mg/cup

· Fish & Seafood 1,000-10,000 mg/lb

· Meat 2,000 -8,500 mg/lb

· Poultry 3,500-8,500 mg/lb

· Peanuts 4,500 mg/cup

· Sesame seeds 3,500 mg/cup

· Dry lentils 3,500 mg/cup

The challenge lies in eating enough of these foods to get the amounts of leucine that will maximize the benefits in weight-loss.

By choosing a natural protein shake that has the proper amounts of leucine in it, one can be assured of getting enough each day of protein and leucine.

Leucine helps repair muscles, regulates blood sugar and provides the body with lots of energy. It aids in repair of bones, muscles, and skin a well. Other benefits are that it also increase the production of growth hormones and it burns visceral fat.

It is important to burn visceral fat because it is the always slowest to respond to diet & exercise and it is harder to lose than subcutaneous fat because it is more deeply embedded in the body’s tissues. The fact that leucine helps this is crucial in hitting your total health goals.


“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals Jim Rohn

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