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April 15th Shark Tank Premier Party

Special Announcement & Invitation! Please RSVP Now!

On April 15, 2011,  6.2 Million people will watch April Morris on ABC Television’s Hit Show “Shark Tank” Tune in! 8pm EST (check local listings for time)

You’re Invited! Exclusive TV Premiere Party

When: FRIDAY APRIL 15, 2011 7PM EST

Where: Blu Martini (4705 East 96th St. Indianapolis, IN. 46240)

March 17th Interview with April Morris

April and Trista share their inspirational stories of dealing with their personal challenges and triumphs. They address how they both gained weight and how it affected their lives in many ways. They reveal their discoveries of the emotional issues dealing with underlying beliefs hurt them with yo-yo dieting and the body mind connection. April reveals something that shocked her and you may discover you have found the solution to your long-term weight loss.

MP3 Trista Rodeo Interview Audio

April Morris is a highly acclaimed inspiring speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, mother and creator of THINgloss®. She has been seen on TV by millions of viewers through worldwide media such as FOX Business Network, FOX News, ABC-Shark Tank, NBC-Daytime, Los Angeles Times and many others.

Several years ago, April found herself as a struggling single mom, flat broke and starting over. She realized she had two choices. She could struggle the rest of her life or do something about it. She overcame tumultuous early years and went on to become an award-winning entrepreneur, award-winning sales leader and highly acclaimed speaker.

April has been honored with many awards in recognition for her entrepreneurial and sales success, including:

  • “Best Innovation of the Year” (THINgloss®) –Collegiate Idol
  • “Inspiring Woman of the Year” –Indiana Fever (WNBA)
  • “The Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year” nominee
  • “New Home Consultant of the Year-Unit Volume Sales” 2006 ($9+Million sold) – Centex Homes

April Morris

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