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Goal Setting

Why is Dreaming important?


“Goals may give focus, but dreams gives

power.”-John Maxwell


Goal setting is extremely important whether it be health goals or business goals. The basics of goal setting is having a S.M.A.R.T. plan. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have a time frame. This sounds pretty easy in theory. The truth is without knowing “why” you want to achieve your goal or what your “dream” is, the motivation wears off and the possibility of achieving your goal diminishes as well.


I have use vision boards, vision apps, vision videos and they all can work. The key for me was to keep it in front of me especially on those tough days when I felt like giving up on my goal.


Then develop your vision or dream. It’s important to create the feeling of already having it using your senses. I close my eyes and I picture my dream in color and in motion and I can hear the sounds in the picture and I can smell the scents around me and I will go as far as walking around and touching things in my vision or imagine tasting food or drinks. When I make my vision videos, I grab a favorite song that really embeds this feeling into me that will move me into action.


Go Dream!


You Can Think Yourself Thin

It does go back to the basics of eating right, exercising, having the proper supplementation to support goals and working with an accountability system to keep you on track.

Working with a health coach that specializes in weight loss is critical to bring all of the moving pieces together for you.

So what else can make your results even better! There is great power in knowing and seeing in your mind what you end result looks like.

It only takes a few minutes a day and has even greater impact on your results when you implement this exercise a few times a day.

Take a moment and find a quiet place. Close your eyes and breath deeply as you center your body in a calm and focused manner. As you are breathing, picture you with your perfect body and having perfect health. See that vision. Now go into that body and start moving in your picture, see yourself maybe at the beach looking great, smell the air, feel the breeze, taste healthy foods as you eat them, drink that cold water that is nourishing your body… touch your strong firm arms that you’ve worked hard to achieve…think  grateful you are that you committed to being healthy and did the work…congratulate yourself… think of your loved ones and how your accomplishments have and will benefit them.

Enjoy adding virtualiztion exercises to your entire health routine!

Click Below for “Affirmations & Visualization” 5 minutes to a Thinner You


Secrets to staying thin while partying

“It’s Party Time!”

Remember that social gatherings are for the purpose of socializing. While there is usually food and beverages at these gatherings, remember why you are there. By focusing on “being present” and listening even better, will you have a better time, connect with people in a greater way, and build relationships.

Have  a healthy meal that is protein-rich or a protein shake before the party. This will keep you committed to you health goals and help you resist temptations of choosing food that does not support your goals.  Grab a nice cold bottle of water and drink on the way to the party. This will also make sure you are hydrated and contribute to feeling full.

If you want to have an alcoholic beverage or so, decide on your limit before you get to the party and stick to it. Between each beverage, drink a glass of water. Alcohol is calorie rich, nutrition poor and shuts down your metabolism for several hours. It also can impair your ability to make good eating choices and you may eat even if not hungry. Typically you will choose foods with a lot of sugar, salt and fat.

Review why you are committed to your “health or weight-loss” goals before you leave. It can even help to spend a few minutes and visualize why the “perfect healthy You” looks and feels like. Another help is to write your vision out on an index card and stick it in your pocket as a reminder of your commitment to yourself.

To ensure there are healthy choices at the party and as a kind gesture, bring a fruit or vegetable platter. The host will appreciate this and you know that you will be able to make healthy food choices. Remember moderation is the key too. While there will usually be foods that are not completely healthy, a little bit of these foods are good to have.  By making wise portion choices, you will not feel deprived of certain favorites and still can enjoy.

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” Arnold H. Glasgow