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Can you feed your libido while feeding yourself?

Can good nutrition help your passion? Libido is tied to many things including your nutrition and what foods you put into your body. Of course, body, mind, & soul all come together to create oneness, which in an optimal situation all components are there.

We’ve heard that the brain is a powerful organ. In fact it is our largest sex organ. This is actually true to some degree. The brain is tied into all of our senses. Our scent which allows us to be acutely stimulated even when we consciously do not smell scents. Pheromones are those magnificent airborne chemical messengers which communicate many things including the level of our sexual desires.

Our visual acuity, auditory processing and our brain’s imagination can play a big part in how our desire moves forward.  Our ability to creatively process information and use our past references to create fantasy can stimulate us as well.

So how does nutrition tie in?  Yes, certain foods have been clinically proven to increase libido and some just seem to do the trick. The importance goes beyond just the foods that will on that magic night pop desire, such as a night at the oyster bar. Consistent good nutrition helps keep the body part healthy in all areas especially in sensory acuity while actually helps beyond food specific libido boosters.

In fact many pharmaceuticals that assist in these areas are most often derived from a food base.  Here’s some of the top nutritional supplements or areas that will most benefit your libido from all angles.

  • B-Complex~Helps maintain a healthy sex drive
  • Niacin~creates better blood flow and synthesizes sex hormones
  • Biotin~Makes male sex glands healthier
  • Selenium~this helps male potency and the male sex drive.
  • Folic Acid~This too aids in maintaining a healthy male sex organ
  • Antioxidants~protects sex organs and prostate from free radicals
  • Vitamin C~Keeps skin elastic and soft, protects from free radicals too, and keeps sperm strong
  • Zinc~needed to produce testosterone
  • Vitamin E~Great for circulation and sex hormone production

While food remains a great source always to get our nutrition, it is not always easy to eat enough of everything. By optimizing your health in a daily nutrition routine with bio-available supplements , you can be sure that your bases are covered.

A little boost can be found in ginseng which is an herb used to increase energy, and many people are swearing that liquid resveratrol supplements are increasing libido which makes sense because it helps slow down aging and helps with mitochondria energy at a cellular level.

So by taking care of your body through great nutrition and also understanding nurturing mind and soul, you know that you are on your way to having not only the most optimal health but also a great libido to go along with it.