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Weight Loss~A la carte…Burn calories while relaxing

Fall in love with this additional way to not only help you consistently maintain a healthy weight, but also experience the many additional side benefits as well.  Three years ago I was in a pretty bad accident, my doctor sent me to start receiving far infrared sauna treatments as many times a week as I possibly could. He explained that the sun naturally produces these rays as well. The sauna was an easy way to harness the power of these wonderful healing rays.

Infrared is the band which we perceive as heat. The neat thing is that the rays will heat your body through a process called conversion.  Infrared rays penetrated the body and give a deep heating effect without stressing our heart.

We benefit in many ways from this. Because it penetrates 1 ½ inches, it is healing to muscles and injuries.  Our bodies perspire and release toxins, discharge waste products and shed old skin cells leaving us healthier inside and outside.  Our heart becomes stimulated and our circulation increases.  This also causes cardiovascular conditioning and burns calories, up to 600 in a 30 minute session.

As an addition to any wellness program, the contribution of the far infrared sauna treatments definitely is worth it. I see it definitely two-fold, the fact that bodies need to detoxify sometimes in order to release some of that stubborn fat and the caloric burn which has metabolic benefit will definitely add to your health, wellness, and weight management.


Should we ‘wine’ about our metabolism slowing down?

Alcohol & metabolic shutdown!

After falling in love, yes with my beautiful reds…Merlot, Cabernet,Shiraz, Pinot Noir…and now the blends that are like heaven in so many ways. I know I had heard somewhere that wine has sugars and calories and not probably a great addition to weight loss and weight management programs.

AND I remember to enjoy the treats life in moderation and that red wines have that cool, healthy ingredient, resveratrol. I can even say it now that it is all over the media.

Resveratrol does have many health benefits even possibly assisting in weight loss…is this for real?

What’s the verdict on red wine and weight management?

Here are the facts:

  • A 5oz. glass of wine has 150 calories.
  • People tend to eat 20% more food while drinking alcohol.
  • When alcohol breaks down it turns into Acetate. Your body burns that before fat or sugar.
  • Alcohol prevents proper processing of vitamins & minerals which is necessary for metabolism.
  • Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels and dehydration, which leads to an increase in appetite.

With any weight management program, the facts should be considered.Life is best enjoyed in moderation. At the beginning of a weight loss program, it would be beneficial to cut out alcohol or limit consumption in order to reach one’s weight goals.

So wanting the benefits of resveratrol. There are now over 2,000studies supporting the benefits which may include more energy, reversing or slowing the aging process, prevention of cancer, weight loss and many more. Extensive research is still being done to see the health applications that exist.

I personally found a all-natural reseveratrol product which is equivalent to drinking 3,000 glasses of red wine per month with out any of the negative side effects mentioned about.

So I can have my red wine benefits, loss weight, and possibly LIVE & LOOK EVEN YOUNGER!!!


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