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5 tricks to a flat tummy without sit-ups!

The main reasons for excess belly fat is lack of exercise, diet which includes food flavorings as well, and years of improper dieting. So what is your next step in finally getting rid of the belly fat? If you are looking for the 8-pack abs, you will need to do the sit-ups, but if you just want to drop the fat and establish a “less mushy” waistline, there are a few key things that you can do to get rid of the “mush.”

Cortisol is a stress hormone and is linked to excess belly fat, otherwise know as visceral fat. When there is excess cortisol in your body, you will store excess body fat in your abdominal area. By using a supplement that is natural helps you in times of high stress, your body won’t need to store the excess.

When wanting to reduce abdominal fat or that “mush” , reducing salt will lower the water retention in that area and your waistline will become smaller. Salt or sodium is hidden in all sorts of foods. By watching labels, cutting down on eating out, and eating as much raw, organic food as possible, your salt consumption will go down and so will your waistline.

Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables that contain phytochemicals,vitamins and minerals, and fiber that are important to your health. They are also known for their properties to specifically reduce belly fat. These vegetables belong to the cabbage family… such as…broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and bok choy.

Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast will reduce cravings, give you energy and help in your weight-loss. My favorite is a protein shake . For one it loads you up with the nutrition that you need and aids you in your weight loss. Be certain that it is natural and contains the right amount of Leucine. Leucine will assist in preserving those precious muscles and allow the fat to be lost.

Drink water! There are many benefits as you know in drinking water because we are primarily made of water. Specifically in our abdominal area, it will prevent water retention and as we are losing weight, we need that water to flush the fat from our bodies. Along with this, make sure is is purified water, preferably add electrolyte and pH drops. Un purified water may contain chemicals which can contribute to the storage of more belly and body fat. By alkalizing your water with pH drops, you’ll enhance your weight-loss and improve your health.

By doing these five items, you can say goodbye to that stubborn, unattractive, unhealthy belly fat.

Secrets to staying thin while partying

“It’s Party Time!”

Remember that social gatherings are for the purpose of socializing. While there is usually food and beverages at these gatherings, remember why you are there. By focusing on “being present” and listening even better, will you have a better time, connect with people in a greater way, and build relationships.

Have  a healthy meal that is protein-rich or a protein shake before the party. This will keep you committed to you health goals and help you resist temptations of choosing food that does not support your goals.  Grab a nice cold bottle of water and drink on the way to the party. This will also make sure you are hydrated and contribute to feeling full.

If you want to have an alcoholic beverage or so, decide on your limit before you get to the party and stick to it. Between each beverage, drink a glass of water. Alcohol is calorie rich, nutrition poor and shuts down your metabolism for several hours. It also can impair your ability to make good eating choices and you may eat even if not hungry. Typically you will choose foods with a lot of sugar, salt and fat.

Review why you are committed to your “health or weight-loss” goals before you leave. It can even help to spend a few minutes and visualize why the “perfect healthy You” looks and feels like. Another help is to write your vision out on an index card and stick it in your pocket as a reminder of your commitment to yourself.

To ensure there are healthy choices at the party and as a kind gesture, bring a fruit or vegetable platter. The host will appreciate this and you know that you will be able to make healthy food choices. Remember moderation is the key too. While there will usually be foods that are not completely healthy, a little bit of these foods are good to have.  By making wise portion choices, you will not feel deprived of certain favorites and still can enjoy.

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” Arnold H. Glasgow




Should we ‘wine’ about our metabolism slowing down?

Alcohol & metabolic shutdown!

After falling in love, yes with my beautiful reds…Merlot, Cabernet,Shiraz, Pinot Noir…and now the blends that are like heaven in so many ways. I know I had heard somewhere that wine has sugars and calories and not probably a great addition to weight loss and weight management programs.

AND I remember to enjoy the treats life in moderation and that red wines have that cool, healthy ingredient, resveratrol. I can even say it now that it is all over the media.

Resveratrol does have many health benefits even possibly assisting in weight loss…is this for real?

What’s the verdict on red wine and weight management?

Here are the facts:

  • A 5oz. glass of wine has 150 calories.
  • People tend to eat 20% more food while drinking alcohol.
  • When alcohol breaks down it turns into Acetate. Your body burns that before fat or sugar.
  • Alcohol prevents proper processing of vitamins & minerals which is necessary for metabolism.
  • Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels and dehydration, which leads to an increase in appetite.

With any weight management program, the facts should be considered.Life is best enjoyed in moderation. At the beginning of a weight loss program, it would be beneficial to cut out alcohol or limit consumption in order to reach one’s weight goals.

So wanting the benefits of resveratrol. There are now over 2,000studies supporting the benefits which may include more energy, reversing or slowing the aging process, prevention of cancer, weight loss and many more. Extensive research is still being done to see the health applications that exist.

I personally found a all-natural reseveratrol product which is equivalent to drinking 3,000 glasses of red wine per month with out any of the negative side effects mentioned about.

So I can have my red wine benefits, loss weight, and possibly LIVE & LOOK EVEN YOUNGER!!!


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