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Guaranteed Weight Loss

It seems there is always a reason to look and feel your best.

Shaklee 180 is a proven system that does that.


My story…

“Trista lost 21 lbs & 21 inches an has helped others step into their

New YOU!

Trista Walker, NESTA Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist & Author of “What’s Eating…YOU?” understands weight loss & why Weight Management is the KEY to long term health through keeping a healthy weight & why Shaklee 180 is the answer!


How Shaklee 180 changed my life!

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children. After some major health issues I gained an unhealthy 21 pounds in 4 weeks. Shaklee 180 helped me lose 21 inches & 21 pounds in under 3 months and I have kept it off. I have learned through working with hundreds of clients over the years, it’s not about losing pounds. It’s about losing fat, learning healthier habits, and how to embrace that for permanent change. I speak at events on how to do this. Shaklee 180 makes it simple and creates long term results. I consult & coach clients along the way to help them hit their goals. Contact me to learn more. ~Trista


Find out how you can start losing with Shaklee 180 here


   This story is amazing.





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