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While most teenagers are having the time of their life, at age 19 Trista was diagnosed with an incurable auto-immune disease called Crohn’s disease. While most 19 year olds are in college or starting their career, Trista was facing the dark reality of a lifetime of  harsh medications, having a series of surgeries, probably never having children, and possibly having a colostomy bag attached to her body for the rest of her life.

This began her pursuit of finding a natural solution to regain her health. After years of exhaustive research, she was able to find a natural solution, stop taking ANY medications, and has two beautiful children. All without any surgery.

Through her research and because of her love of helping others, she has been able to do this. Another challenge came her way as well, which in turn, she has been able to bring her knowledge to others because of it.

Read and see how Trista gained 28 pounds in a short 4 weeks, struggled with yo-you diets for years and created a permanent weight-loss solution.

Trista  personally gained weight due to an unknown health issue. Despite taking logical steps to improve her diet and lifestyle, the weight simply wouldn’t come off. As each diet started, succeeded and eventually failed, her frustration boiled over and compelled her to find an answer. Her research led her to a natural, healthy system to permanent weight loss and help others do the same.

In learning to lose weight, she uncovered the emotional issues that can interfere with weight-loss results. By working on these issues personally, Trista has kept off the weight and helps others do the same. What would you do to have lasting results?

28 lbs in 4 weeks!

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