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Trista Rodeo’s groundbreaking work on weight loss and health encompasses the traditional lifestyle issues such as proper nutrition and exercise. However, with over 60% of the US population overweight and 82% of dieters failing more than twice, the situation begs the underlying question…


In her groundbreaking book, WHAT’S EATING…YOU? Trista reveals her unique 5-step system for becoming aware of the historical, emotional anchors that impede nearly everyone from releasing their excess weight.

WHAT’S EATING…YOU? is more than a how to book on releasing the emotional barricades to optimal health. You will be encouraged by the triumph other people shared under Trista’s mentor-ship and revive your personal sense of hope as you uncover, what’s been eating you!


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A key to permanent weight-loss is uncovering the issues and creating new thoughts, beliefs, and actions to support you. There are several ways that help create lasting change. They are using visualization, vision boards, vision videos, affirmations and afformations. My friend Noah St. John who is the founder of Success Clinic and author of The Secret Code of Success” and has offered  this Bonus to anyone wanting to learn how to speed up the process of losing weight using afformations.

Noah St. John is the inventor of AFFORMATIONS -

empowering questions that

will immediately

shift your disempowering beliefs.

Afformations have helped tens of thousands of people live healthier, happier lives. And they’ll help you, too.

Get a FREE Afformations Audio from Noah to Beat Your Stress in 60-Seconds or Less!



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